Donate A Book

Because of the purpose of “I Have a Brother” is to encourage grieving families with the hope that can only come from Jesus Christ, my book is considered controversial and politically incorrect.  While every hospital, funeral home, etc., that I have talked with has said they would love to carry this book and that its message is encouraging, none of these venues can purchase the book because of its controversial/religious message.

However, all of these locations have also said they would love to have copies of this book on hand to give to clients who indicate that they are Christians.

Here’s the catch:  the only way to have these books on hand is to have them donated.

Therefore, I am opening up a donation opportunity for these books.  You can donate them in memory of a baby who is also in heaven on their birthday or at a special holiday.  You can donate them in honor of parents who have lost a baby.  You can donate them without any indication of who they came from, but the inside cover book plate must read, “This book was donated to ___________________.”

When a family loses a baby or infant, they either turn towards the Lord or away from Him regardless of what their relationship with Him before their loss.  If we can help turn families toward the Lord and to see the hope of heaven, I pray that they will avoid much more heartache by distancing themselves from their Heavenly Father.

How to Donate?

Fill out the form on the bottom of this page.  Then I will send you an invoice and you can either get me a check or pay using PayPal.

Some examples of wording for the bookplates are:

“This book was donated to WMIT, 106.9 the Light to be given to a family experiencing an infant or baby loss.  God bless you.”

“This book was donated to Brenner Children’s Hospital in memory of Daniel Lee Petrey by his grandparents.  May God carry you forever.  Psalm 28:9”

If you do not care where the books are donated, I have a few places that have indicated they would appreciate donated books.

Book purchases will be regular priced ($14.99 each plus applicable taxes), but for donations, I will pay any postage to mail the books if the donation location is not local.

Thank you in advance to all who choose to donate “I Have a Brother – My Brother is in Heaven.”  I pray that my books are helping parents and families see the hope of heaven in the midst of their earthly loss.


Upon receipt of this form, I will e-mail you an invoice and you can pay by check or PayPal.  If you would like, I also have a donation letter than can be sent to the family in whose honor you donate these books.

God bless you all!