11 Years: Lesson #4

11 Years: Lesson #4

After our 20-week ultrasound that confirms Daniel’s gender, Dustin had to have a serious talk with me.  He sat me down and told me this:

“You have to teach Daniel to call his boy parts by the right name.”

I just looked in horror as he explained that it was important that he knew all of his male parts’ correct names.  

And since he would be at work during the business days, I needed to reinforce this.   No calling anything a “weenie.”

No, sir.   We at the Dustin Petrey household were going to use the “P” word.  

And clearly I still have issues with using that word.  

I don’t apologize.    

Anyway, after Daniel died, I remember crying out to the Lord, ” I would have taught him that it was a penis!”   

I just wanted my baby!   

In subsequent years, when folks would have baby boys, I would be happy for them from afar.   I didn’t want to hold these boys until they were older and did not resemble a baby…because it hurt too much to hold a baby and a boy.   

Now I am okay with baby boys, though I might tear up a smidge.  And honestly, God has brought a few little fellows into my life who I love with all my heart.   Here are two of them:


I never held these guys when they were in the hospital, but they come visit me quite often nowadays and bring with them the most wonderful of times.  And I am so grateful that they are my nephews and that they remind me often that they too wish that Daniel was here on earth so they could play with him.   

Lesson #4:  Boys (and their anatomy) are okay.   

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”  Psalm 127:3

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