Infant Loss Awareness 2017

Infant Loss Awareness 2017


All across the United States there will be families gathering together tomorrow, Saturday, October 14th to remember their babies in heaven.

For some folks, they want to keep the memory of their baby alive.

For others, they want to find hope in the midst of their sorrow.

For all of them, they find comfort in the community of bereaved parents.

If you know someone who has lost a child (baby or grown), I want to encourage you to reach out to them this month.  Send a card or instant message telling them that you remember their child and are praying for them.

Not to promote my book (but I did self-publish so now I still have copies to share!), but I have had some dear friends who have purchased books in memory of a friend’s baby and donated them to a local pregnancy center, funeral home, NICU and even a Christian radio station (when callers call in with prayer requests related to infant/baby loss, they mail them a book as well as pray with them!).  So if you would like to remember a child in this way and honor the parents, please contact me!  I would be happy to arrange the donation and will put a special bookplate in the front of the book!  I also send a letter to you and to the parents of the baby remembered.

And for this weekend, I am selling my books through my PayPal link for $12 (including shipping).  You can purchase one for yourself, or if you would like for me to mail it to someone else, put a bookplate in it, or donate it, I will be happy to do that.  This deal will be good through Sunday night.  And I will still offer free shipping for the rest of the month.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to share at a memorial event in Charlotte.  My prayers is that my words will bring comfort and hope to those who hear.  I would appreciate your prayers as well!

All for God’s glory!






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