My Happy Place

My Happy Place

I saw this the other day and it made me smile…because I know this feeling and I love it!!!


I can remember in college there was this one Saturday night when it was supposed to snow big and I had this last book in the Christy Miller series that I wanted to read.  And it snowed.  I got out of bed, called our church phone line to see if the message said church was canceled (Yes, I am that old) and then I climbed back into bed and read the entire book from cover to cover.

All 288 pages.

While the snow trucks plowed the roads outside my window, I stayed in my little bed reading word for word while my baseboard heaters worked overtime.

I loved living in that little apartment alone.

It had one bedroom and one bathroom and a smallish kitchen though it was big enough for me (especially when I had the washing machine lid down which added extra counter space) and a little living room…and you could see all of it from the front door.

And that reminds me of a funny story (funny now…not so funny then).

The bathroom in my tiny apartment was across from my kitchen.  To be exact, the toilet was exactly opposite the oven.

And the bathroom did not have enough heat on those cold winter mornings.

So I did what any college student would do, in the winters, I would turn the oven on to 400 degrees with the oven door open and let it warm me up while I got ready in the mornings.

This was the most wonderful idea (I thought)…almost like having a fire place.  (My thirty-something year old self is dying at the thought of what I used to do.).

Let’s just say that one day I came home and my apartment was so hot, I could not walk in.

And let’s just give the Lord some praise because He was working overtime that day (and most days of my life) to protect me and I am most grateful!

But back to the book thing.

Lately, I have found myself getting into bed earlier and earlier with a good book to read.  I read Chip & Joanna Gaines’s new book, Magnolia earlier this month and I highly recommend it, especially if you like their show, Fixer Upper.

I have also been reading through old copies of Our State magazine lately.  Dustin has subscribed to this magazine for years.  However, I had never picked up a copy of it until a few weeks ago…it is great reading material while I dry my hair in the mornings.  I never knew that North Carolina had so many interesting things, places, inventions from here!


I am so thankful to have called North Carolina home for the last almost twenty years.  I have never lived anywhere this long in my entire life.

So what are you thankful for today?  What makes you giddy with excitement?  I would love to hear from you!

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Sickness, Sales and Sisters

Sickness, Sales and Sisters


Wow!  Has it been several weeks already?  It seems like time is flying.  As in, next week is Thanksgiving and then comes Christmas and, oh no, I am not ready for the Christmas festivities!

So in full disclosure, I must share that we have had about ten days of sickness at my house.  No one was sick for ten consecutive days…it was a three day virus type of just took its sweet time working its way through our household! And on the two off days in the middle when I thought we were all well, we totally visited with friends and family.  Thankfully, none of them got any germs.

If this is possible, it was the most wonderful kind of sickness you can have…fever and aches only.  Which translates into seclusion from the outside world for almost ten days and time to clean out your spice drawer and write at least one Christmas play.

(Explanation:  The Petrey children have done a Christmas Eve play for the last I-don’t-know-how-many years.  It is less than eleven years, but possibly as many as nine…my memory fails me.)

I love, love, LOVE to work with the kids on this play and it brings me such joy to work with them throughout the holidays to perfect our play each year!

So while the rest of the holiday world is baking, I am working on a few little plays.  I had to fill my holiday time with something!  Ha!

So now we do two different Christmas plays – one with more music and less talking (for Mamaw’s Friday Lunch group)  and another with a plot for our Christmas Eve play (since Petreys tend to love all things dramatic…ALL THINGS DRAMATIC.)

So I have the “Less-Talking” play finished and choreographed.

And yes, we might do the wave and have a kick line.

And that might just tickle me pink.  I love me some drama.

And I love these little Petreys.

In addition to sickness, my sister, mom and I had a joint yardsale during which I profited a hefty $42.50 which reminded me why it is always better to consign your clothes and donate everything else.  Yard sales are NOT WORTH IT.  Unless you are the shopper.

Which leads me to the sister part of this blog (actually the sister part is two-fold).  First my sister, with whom we had the yard sale is a busy beaver these days.  She will finish her bachelor’s of nursing in December which means she has been in school all this year and working full-time and has been an incredible mother to this little lady who we all love and adore.  So while she wanted to contribute to the yard sale, she did not have time to price all of her things.

So Sister left all her things with Mama and me to price on Friday night before the yard sale and so we basically priced things by type.  We had a $1.00 basket of clothes, a $2.00 basket of clothes, men’s clothing was priced by type and so forth and so on.

So mid-morning, Sister joined us at the yard sale (she had had some spend the night company on Friday night also…she is like SUPER WOMAN!).  And she casually asked, “Oh I see that you sold my purses…”  Then she asked how much I had sold them for and I cheerfully told her that we sold them for $3 each.

She looked at me and said, “Even my Kate Spade purses.”

Here is where I must make a confession that a purse is a purse is a purse to me.  So I said, hesitantly, “Yeees?”

And in her defense she just continued sipping her coffee and went quietly inside.

Now I know that a Kate Spade purse is worth more than the ones you get at Walmart and next time Sister will probably not trust me to price her items.

I tried.

The other sister component of this post (is this my longest blog post ever?) is that I am so excited to be a part of a Secret Sister gift exchange!  I saw a friend’s post about doing one and I thought oh that sounds like fun.  And I woke up the next morning thinking about it and thought, “If there is room for me to still do it, I am going to…this will be fun!”

And the more I thought about it, I have always loved the idea of Secret Sisters.  I used to attend church with my aunt and grandmother and see the table of Secret Sister gifts on the back table as I entered the church.  I remember thinking, I wish I was old enough and attended this church regularly so that I could participate in this gift exchange.

So I signed up for the Secret Sister gift exchange and am on a mission to find the gift for my secret sister!

It works like the chain letters of old, but instead of having bad luck if you didn’t copy and mail the letter out to four thousand people in three days, this one is totally voluntary and involves sending gifts instead of the strange items like the one time that I remember sending a person a pair of orange underwear the size of a large pizza.  (I even asked my mom about it last night and she cannot remember why we did that either but that it seemed like fun at the time!)

And if Mama let me do it as a child, you can rest assured that it was safe and appropriate.  But now, we scratch our heads as to why we would have done such a thing.

This time of year, even as it quickly approaches, makes me thankful my mama and sister and all of the memories we have made together…even the ones where we cannot remember why we did what we did…but at least we did it together.  And thankful for the forgiveness for the sharing of germs or selling of purses.

That’s my prayer for you this morning…that you can see the blessings in your life and thank the Lord for them.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.”  Psalm 136:1

And if any of you are interested in being part of the Secret Sister exchange, send me a message!