Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Last week we were blessed to spend a week with my side of the family at the beach.  Even though we didn’t get any pictures together, I did ask a complete stranger to take a picture of me and the little ladies one evening on our nightly beach stroll:


I am thankful for these little (and big ladies) and for a little time away from the “normal” routine.  I realized how grateful I am for two things while we were gone:  reading and writing.  I got to finish several books that I had been wanting to read and I started a few more that I hope to finish soon (because I am going to make a concentrated effort to read more now that I am back into the “normal” routine).

And not to bore you, but these books were seriously fabulous reads for the Christian who wants to draw closer to the Lord in their daily walk.  So if that’s you (Christian who wants to draw closer to the Lord), then read on.  And if not, know that I have been doing a lot of reading and thanking the Lord this last week!  (And now I am back to some writing!)

The first book I finished was Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  I had started this book at home, but had one little chapter to finish the entire thing.  All I can say is:  This book is on the MANDATORY READING list at my house.

Nancy makes a bold statement in her book:  “ingratitude is our first step away from God.”

Actually she makes several bold statements.  (And you should read them all!)

Through her stories and illustrations, I was so encouraged to ALWAYS find a reason to be thankful.  And it is always possible to find such a reason.

The second book I finished at the beach was Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney.  It is also on my MANDATORY READING list for the girls.  In this 95 page book, I was encouraged to change the way that I pray…for the better.

The last book I read at the beach was Good Grief by Granger E. Westberg.  I had read this book before but lost my copy.  Let’s just say that this book was 10 types of wonderful and is also on my (say it with me) “MANDATORY READING list.”

This last book may seem super odd to enjoy reading, but let me just give this brief synopsis:

Good Grief speaks of the ten stages of grief and how we deal with grief daily.  How we deal with our daily griefs prepares us for bigger and deeper griefs.  Sometimes we get hung up on a stage of grief and it can be a very difficult (and sometimes dangerous) place to be.  Grief does not just come from death.  This 63 page book was an excellent and quick read and will be a reference book for me in dealing with others in the future.

And just so that you will not think I am completely no fun in my reading selections, I will say that I took several magazines that had been piling up and started the Screwtape Letters again.

I still don’t sound like a lot of fun, huh?

I got a few drafts of new devotions written while we were at the beach and I hope to share them soon!



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