God Gave Me You

God Gave Me You

I wrote this poem a few weeks before LeeAnne was born and today we are celebrating her 8th birthday.  I realized the other day that I had never printed this poem out and put it in her baby book…it’s nothing spectacular, but it brings back all the emotions I felt as I went through her pregnancy…


God Gave Me You

God gave me you

On a cold autumn day

My heart was half-beating

When God gave me you

Not sure that our family

Would grow over three

What did God want from me

Then God gave me you

Your sister’s a blessing

Your brother’s in heaven

With one other sibling

And God gave me you

Skeptical at best

Would this pregnancy last

But at eight weeks we checked

And God gave us you

The days felt like months

The weeks felt like years

July would never come

And still, God gave me you

Finally you would move

And I’d know you’re o.k.

You’d punch my rib cage

Oh, God gave me you

I’m counting the days

‘Till I meet your cute gaze

Always remember

That God gave me you




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