Lists and other great things

Lists and other great things


Today I feel like I have finally gotten most areas of my life back in order.  The last few weeks have been a little busier than normal and after two weddings and a week at Bible school, I pretty much felt like this picture.  Isn’t that one cute tired little girl???  I like her a little 😍

So today I am just going to share with you some fabulousness that has been going on around here lately.  And I am going to use a list format because lists are so much easier than paragraphs (see the above picture)

  1.  VBS – We have never done VBS before but this year we went all out for “Cave Quest!”  The host church did a fabulous job and it didn’t hurt that Dustin’s parents and sister were leaders there also.                 image
  2. Chick-Fil-A free fruit cup.  It comes on the calendar card this month and it has twice saved me from my “needed” sweet tea.  Praise the Lord!  (Yes, I have more than one card)
  3. Fiddle Camp – every year the Cockman family hosts a free fiddle camp in Blowing Rock park.  This is our first year doing it and it has been fabulous!  The girls love to play their violins and their fiddles!  (Okay…it is one in the same…just depends on how you play it!)
  4. Our community – with these weddings and VBS, I have been so overwhelmed by the support in our community.  People coming together to help others out because that is what we do as brothers/sisters in Christ.  It is all for His glory!
  5. The little gals that God has entrusted to our care…they have worked hard these last two weeks (and rested well!), but I cannot thank the Lord enough for them.  We make a great team!!!
  6. My sister-in-love, Molls…she has been my right hand for these last two weddings -wait, she has done all the weddings with me this year!  I thank the Lord for her help and for her friendship!  She always brings a smile…image
  7. July…it is birthday month up in here and I have some excited little ladies!  And in a few more days I will be down to one booster seat…praise the Lord!!!!

What do you praise the Lord for today?  At Bible school, we called these things “God-sightings,”  things that remind us that God loves us.  I would love to read your “God-sightings” in the comments below.  Go ahead – give Him praise!

“I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have being.”             Psalm 104:33


2 thoughts on “Lists and other great things

  1. My God sightings are my grandchildren! I know that God loves me because He blessed me with these precious gifts from Him! I love them more than I can say and I thank God for them everyday! He also blessed me with 2 wonderful children!


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