Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday

Today was a fabulous day – why fabulous, you ask?  Because I got to spend it with these gals:image

God has truly blessed our family in the female department.  Today the girls and I went to Abingdon with Mama and Sister and Baby A.  We were celebrating birthdays since everyone in the car (except me) turns another year older in June or July.  How much fun is that?!!?

Don’t worry – I still celebrate my birthdays…they just come in the fall of the year…not the summer like these lovely ladies!

Tomorrow we get to celebrate the littlest lady turning one and I get the honor or painting her toe nails pink for their first birthday celebration…that what you do when you are her “Favorite Aunt Daphne.”

Yes, I know I am her only Aunt Daphne.

The Lord is so good to give us the people in our lives who we need and I am thankful that these gals are my people.  They are truly blessings to me!

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…”  Philippians 1:3



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