Rainbow Babies

Rainbow Babies

Tonight I was reminded of the term “Rainbow Babies.”  It refers to a baby born after a baby that was lost.   I was tagged in the following forward on Facebook:

😔😇… A Baby Born after a Miscarriage or Loss of a Baby is Referred to as a Rainbow baby. Today we remember All babies born Sleeping, or we’ve Carried but Never met, those we’ve Held but couldn’t take Home, the ones that came home but didn’t Stay. Make this your Profile Status if You or Someone you know has Suffered the Loss of a Baby. The majority Won’t do it, because unlike Cancer, Miscarriage, Still Birth and SIDS is still a Taboo subject. Break the Silence. In Memory of all Angels too Perfect for Earth 😇 and All the Babies that are Born Sleeping or Don’t make it Home.

It is funny how before we had experienced a loss, people would ask if we wanted a boy or a girl when they found out we were pregnant…but after a loss, when people ask, I would reply, “I just want a healthy baby.  I don’t care if it is boy or girl…I just want a living, breathing, crying baby.”


I am thankful for all three of my earthly children and thankful for the two waiting for us in heaven.  I thank God that I had Ruthie before Daniel because I needed her after Daniel’s death.  I needed to hold her and hug her and love on her.

God knew that I needed my two rainbow daughters as well – the Lord knew that I needed each of them to hold and to help refine me.

It is interesting to me that the term “rainbow” refers to the rainbow that God placed in the sky as a reminder to Noah that He would never destroy the earth again with a flood.  The rainbow was his sign.

I believe that the rainbow babies are also as sign for grieving parents to remind us to remember that God is with us.  For many of us, having a healthy child after a loss is a big deal.  It heals us to have a living child after we have experienced a loss.

Whether you are remembering your child in heaven tonight or thanking the Lord for a new baby, remember the rainbow.  Remember that God is with you watching over your storm and He will bring you through it.  For His glory.

“And God said, ‘ This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations:  I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and at the earth. ‘”  Genesis 9:13


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