Reading to Mamaw & a Giveaway

Reading to Mamaw & a Giveaway


By the time you read this, we will be home so I can tell you that we have had a wonderful time at the beach this week with Dustin’s Mamaw and his sister, Molly.  They are both so much fun!!!image

But being the practical mom that I am, I brought plenty of books for the girls to read while we were here.  I might have even offered some incentive for reading in the form of “Hot Now” Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

My girls don’t always appreciate my dedication to their reading and learning, but it is for their own good.  They will appreciate their ability to read later but now I occasionally hear complaints about the need to read.

Sometimes I can complain about things that are good for me.  Like exercising or eating healthily.  Or I cannot see the good in something until further down the road.

Today, I want to host a giveaway for a $10 Chick-Fil-A gift card.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it will get  your whole family some ice dreams…or two gallons of sweet tea.  Or a quiet dinner for one.  Or just $10 off your meal 🙂

To enter, simply comment on this post with something that is good.  It can be something you didn’t realize was good at the time or something that  is good all of the time (like Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea).

I will use the random number generator from  I will close the giveaway on Sunday at 9pm.  Check your inbox on Monday to see if you won!


11 thoughts on “Reading to Mamaw & a Giveaway

  1. Well, let me be the first to “enter!” 😉 Here’s something – training and disciplining the children. It is really hard at the time but pays many dividends in the future!


  2. Water! When I was little, my mother always gave us water when we were thirsty. And at dinner- we always had to drink our water. All of it. It wasn’t always easy to do. And I couldn’t understand why we didn’t have cool aid or juice, like other kids. But now I love to drink water! It just feels so- I don’t know- healthy! And it tastes so clean! (Mountain water!!yum!) And now I know that it’s the best possible drink for quenching thirst. And good for you, too!


  3. Family. This weekend I have been reminded how good family is. Complicated, messy, and oh so good!!


  4. Traveling with family. Sometimes the planning and craziness of the trip makes you rethink the idea but it’s always worth it to make the memories.


  5. Walks on the beach. Very relaxing. Unless you’re Jules and it’s not relaxing…it’s just walking. 😉


  6. Sunshine… We’ve had nothing but rain the past 2 weeks here in Winston-Salem. It was so refreshing to step outside for church this morning and feel the warm beams hit my arms on the way to the car.


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