I Have a Brother…

I Have a Brother…

Last week, I received my first two copies of the book God laid on my heart years ago to write.  It is called I Have a Brother – My Brother is in Heaven. It is a children’s book for families who experience infant loss.

At this point I only have two copies, but the rest of these books should arrive in mid-late June. Lord-willing, at that time, they will be available in some local venues as well as through our blog, www.carrythemforever.com

I plan to have a few fun giveaways in the upcoming weeks, so please sign up for this blog on the top of the toolbar.  Then you will receive an e-mail each time I blog.

I plan to write twice a week with some book reviews of books that have helped me along my infant loss journey, some of the devotions I am writing for the mother’s devotion book (I still have not named it…we might have a little online voting for the title!) and other things that God is teaching me along this journey. Thanks for checking out this blog and without further ado…here is the cover of I Have a Brother – My Brother is in Heaven!

image“Bless the Lord, O my soul and all that is within me, bless his holy name.”  Psalm 103:1


7 thoughts on “I Have a Brother…

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey so others can find hope and help through their own difficult journeys. Looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use this special book.❤️


  2. I feel so blessed to have been on this journey with you. This book will bless many people, I know it has me. You are very special and do many special things especially for me. God Bless all your efforts. Love you.


  3. Daphne, I am so proud of you! I was impressed with your book when I read it! You have been blessed with a gift and you are using that gift to God’s glory! There is no telling how many people you will touch with your gift! I am so excited to see where this goes! I will help you get the word out as much as I can! Love you, Daphne!


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