Welcome to Carry Them Forever

Welcome to Carry Them Forever

Appalachian SpringI should make a confession before we go any further with this blogging thing…I am having a hard time with having a blog.  But my husband keeps encouraging me to have a blog.

And then there comes the question of what picture would use when you writing about something so sad and heart-breaking as infant loss and grief.

And the answer is – the one above.  Because it is what my husband found and put up there…and it looks so nice.  I would love to have a farm like this one with rolling hills and a large garden (that weeded itself) and maybe some chickens that laid nice, brown eggs (but didn’t leave a mess).

You know, it is what I would love for life to look like.  All the beauty without the yuck.  An easy life without the hardships.

But life isn’t like that is it?  After you notice the beautiful farm, you see the clouds.  And you realize that a storm is coming or has just come.  And even in the midst of the pending storm, it is still beautiful – it is not all lost because of a storm.
And life can be the same way for us.  A storm can cause us to not see the beauty that is right in front of us.  It can cause us to miss out on what we do have because all we can see is what is wrong.

Yet in the midst of it all, I want to encourage you.  That’s why I am going to blog.  That’s why I am going to share from my heart, from my journey.  Yes, this has been (and at times still is) a hard journey, but you are not alone and you can make it through your storm…I promise you that you can!

The Bible says, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted…” (Matthew 5:4).  My prayer is that as I share with you, you will not feel alone, but you will know that you have a loving Heavenly Father who loves you and who wants to comfort you as you grieve.